Stake & Vest & Earn

$LUCK Rewards provide benefits for long-term users of the protocol. These rewards come in the form of $esLUCK and $xLUCK tokens.

Compounding vs Claiming

Our platform offers two reward options: "Compound" and "Claim."

By selecting "Compound," you can stake your pending $esLUCK rewards, which will result in an increase in the rewards you receive.

If you choose "Claim," any pending $esLUCK rewards and $SUI rewards will be transferred to your wallet.

You can easily unstake your $esLUCK tokens for vesting at any time in the future.


Escrowed LUCK (esLUCK) tokens serve two purposes: they can be staked for rewards similar to regular $LUCK tokens, or vested to become actual $LUCK tokens over a period of one year. Each staked $esLUCK token earns the same amount of $esLUCK and $USDT/$SUI rewards as a regular $LUCK token. Please note that $esLUCK tokens are not meant to be transferred. The amount of $LUCK or $LLP required to vest $esLUCK tokens is unique to each account and is capped to the rewards received by that account.


Users will receive $xLUCK tokens as an incentive when playing games, regardless of winning or losing.


Vesting allows users to convert users’ $esLUCK tokens and $xLUCK tokens into actual $LUCK tokens over time. This can be done by accessing the vesting feature on the Earn page.

When initiating vesting, a certain amount of $LUCK or $LLP tokens that were used to earn $esLUCK rewards will be reserved based on the average staked amount and rewards earned for the account.

For example, if you staked 1000 $LUCK tokens and earned 100 $esLUCK tokens, 1000 $LUCK tokens will be reserved to vest 100 $esLUCK tokens. However, we do not need to reserve any $LUCK tokens when vesting $xLUCK tokens.

Any $esLUCK tokens that have been withdrawn and deposited for vesting will no longer earn rewards, but staked tokens reserved for vesting will continue to earn rewards.

After vesting is initiated, $esLUCK tokens will be converted into $LUCK every second and will fully vest over 365 days. The converted $LUCK tokens can be claimed at any time.

If a user sells $LUCK or $LLP tokens and later wants to vest their $esLUCK rewards, they will need to repurchase the required amount of $LUCK or $LLP tokens. $LUCK and $esLUCK tokens can be used interchangeably as a reserve for vesting. Depositing into the vesting vault while existing vesting is ongoing is also supported.

Tokens reserved for vesting cannot be unstaked or sold. To unreserve the tokens, use the "Withdraw" button on the Earn page. However, partial withdrawals are not possible, so withdrawing will unreserve all tokens and pause vesting. Any $esLUCK tokens that have already been vested into $LUCK will remain as $LUCK tokens.

Distribution Rate

The distribution of $esLUCK tokens to staked $LUCK and$ LLP tokens will follow the schedule outlined in the latest snapshot votes. Rewards are distributed every second to staked tokens.

The reward rates will be reviewed each month and may be adjusted, but any changes will be announced at least 7 days prior to implementation.

Rewards and Mechanics Summary:

  • $LUCK: earns $SUI and $esLUCK tokens when staked.

  • $esLUCK: earns $SUI and $esLUCK tokens when staked.

  • $xLUCK: earns $SUI and $xLUCK tokens when staked.

  • $LLP: earns $SUI, $esLUCK, and is automatically staked upon purchase

Revenue Distribution:

The LuckyStar protocol profits are divided among the following groups:

  • 30% for the $LLP pool

  • 50% for the $LUCK/$esLUCK/$xLUCK staking pool

  • 20% for the LuckyStar Foundation


There are only three types of fees charged by the protocol which are then distributed to $LUCK and $LLP stakers:

  • a 1% fee on the total amount of LLP bought and sold by users

  • a 2% fee on the total amount for players who participate in the game.

  • a 5% fee on the total winning amount for players who win the game.

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