Earn $xLUCK rebate by inviting your acquaintances to join LuckyStar via our Referral Program. By doing so, you will be entitled to a substantial portion (20%-50%) of the protocol tax accrued by your referred friend upon their initial engagement with LuckyStar. For further information, please refer to the Referral Page.

Outlined below is the step-by-step referral process:

A VALID Referral needs:

  1. The referee wallet address has NEVER connect wallet on LuckyStar before;

  2. The referee participates at least 1 round of game successfully;

  3. The FIRST MONTH would be considered a VALID referral period once your friends first connect the wallet on LuckyStar using your referral link (there will be a pop-up window with your referral information on it).

Currently, referral $xLUCK rewards on LuckyStar 2.0 Beta would be converted to actual $xLUCK when mainnet is on, come to invite your friends to FREE play now!

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