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LuckyStar is a 100% decentralized betting game that runs on immutable smart contracts.

How to Play:

Players can connect their wallets and participate in the game with $SUI. The maximum bet cannot exceed 1% of the total value of the $LLP pool to prevent a possible drastic change of $LLP token value.

Please visit the detailed game instruction HERE.


All players who participate in the game will receive a certain amount of $xLUCK tokens through a lottery (lottery $xLUCK range is based on the amount of wager spent in the game) as rewards. The rewarded $xLUCK tokens can vest to $LUCK with a 1:1 ratio. $xLUCK tokens can also be staked in the $LUCK pool to receive additional $exLUCK token rewards.


A 2% fee on the total amount for players who participate in the game. If a player wins, a 5% protocol tax is deducted from the total winning amount.

Game Types:

Coin Flip:

The most popular two-sided guessing game with a 50/50 winning probability.


Players choose a range between 1 and 100 and bet on whether the randomly generated number will fall within their chosen range or outside of it. The winning odds are flexible between 1/99 to 99/1 depending on the range players choose.


Players place bets on a spinning wheel with 4 colors: purple 2x, blue 3x, green 4x, and red for 48x. The outcome of the game is determined by where the wheel stops.


Players place bet in the raffle pool and win the luck. The winning odds are 50/50 depending on the random number generation.

The House Edge:

To protect the interests of $LLP holders, all games have a 2% house edge for $LLP in probability.

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