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Q: There are two types of $xLUCK on LuckyStar, what’s the difference?

A: In LuckyStar tokenomics, there is only one type of $xLUCK token, due to LuckyStar is still on beta testnet, we have separated the ‘Actual Rewarding $xLUCK’ to ‘Simulated-game-play Rewarding $xLUCK'. The former is marked with a specific label (see the example below).

Get ‘Actual Rewarding $xLUCK’: LuckyStar marketing campaign, LuckyStar weekly game session, LuckyStar Lottery, LuckyStar Referral;

Get ‘Simulated-game-play Rewarding $xLUCK’: Play beta testnet lucky games.

Q: What are the rewards if I play on beta testnet?

A: You can get $xLUCK rewards while playing on LuckyStar beta testnet, we will hold various campaigns and contests like weekly ranking contests and so on, maximum 1,000,000 $xLUCK airdrop will be allocated during LuckyStar beta test, come to win some $xLUCK!

Q: What is the benefit if I hold one LuckyStar NFT?

A: Holding LuckyStar NFT will get $xLUCK rewards while you play lucky games, reaching a certain total play amount could help you level-up your LuckyStar NFT to unlock more rights (NFT boosting function will be live once LuckyStar is on mainnet).

Q: How's ranking working?

A: Please refer to the ranking rules as below:

  1. Every contract-transaction-move would be counted as 'ONE TIME' in weekly ranking.

  2. Ranking stats will be updated DAILY, please do not panic if it does not change every time you refresh it.

  3. Top 100 players of the first-week ranking could share from the 50,000 $xLUCK Airdrop.

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